Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello from the South Valley!

And a little late, as usual, here I am too!

I'm Amy and I love to eat well. I often find busy days and a sink full of dirty dishes get in the way. With a baby arriving soon and a passion for growing things on our "mini-farm," I want to make time and make it a priority to eat fresh and fast.

Pregnancy has gotten me off to a good start with a new awareness of what I'm eating. I've been especially loving fruit the last few months...polishing off a pint of figs within a couple days this week!

With help and inspiration from my co-blogger Jessica, I'm looking forward to writing about, photographing and documenting our family's forays in the kitchen and out in the garden. I believe connections with our food as we cook, nature as we grow things and each other as we work and eat together are some of life's greatest joys!


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Jessica said...

love the garden belly!

Chantal said...

Hurrah! Can't wait to read more.