Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Date bars

I know they have been done but i wanted to share any way.  I like the way that I have discovered how to put them together with one baby in my arms and two kids on the counter.
 I also like that they are a sweet treat that has only whole foods.  my kids are always surprised when i let them have one for snack instead of dessert.  You could have them anytime because there is enough protein to balance out all of the sugar of the dates.

Cherry Coconut
1 cup nuts (1 usually use cashews, but used almonds this last time and am very happy with how they turned out)
1 cup dried cherries ( if you can find the unsweetened kind these work best, but if not they are still great)
1/2 cup dried coconut
1-2 cups dates (you will see why soon)

So in your food processor measure out the nuts cherries and coconut. Turn on and process until chopped into pretty tiny pieces.  You just don't want to make almond butter.  Next  with the food processor on start to add the dates (without pits) one at a time.  When the mixture begins to ball up you are done. Just shape them and place on a tray. Pop them in the refrigerator for an hour or so to harden before transferring them to another container for storage.
  Sometimes I make them in a bar shape and wrap them in parchment paper like a "bar". Lately i have been making them in to small cookie shapes and sorting them in an old yogurt container. 

  Makes 8 bars or 24 small circles.

We also like just coconut date bars, peanut chocolate chip, and apricot. I apologize for the pictures. I need help Amy.

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