Wednesday, September 18, 2013

For Rennie- weekly menu

I was chatting with my friend Reenie today about menu plans. I often find myself looking for inspiration and enjoy seeing what others were eating.  I threw my ideas for the next few days out there and she seemed interested. So, here they are in all of their I have four kids but like to eat glory....

Sushi salad- make susshi rice according to directions, add rice wine vinegar, seasame seeds, sometimes olive oil sometimes not, chop up some cucumber, pickled ginger, shred some carrots, and toss in some capers. 
    If i have one and am feeling fancy i add avocados on the side so they don't get mushy.
     If we have visitors or need something more hearty we add tuna mixed with mayo and sirachi.
     If we are really fancy and costco has seaweed salad that is a nice accompaniment.
     And lastly if it is cold, some quick miso soup is nice alongside.

Nachos- I bake the chips with beans cheese and onions. (The beans are usually seasoned with chili powder, salt, garlic, and cumin. This seems silly, but makes a difference.)  This week we have blue corn chips and it is these little things that makes it exciting.  As with any meal like this your toppings are endless.  We like shredded lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, salsa, yogurt(sour cream), and avocado.

and last

Chard crust-less quiche with red potato salad
   For the quiche I found I could never make a good enough crust so I just leave them off and enjoy my carbs some other way.
   throw in about 6 eggs, 1 cup milk, sauteed chard onions with what ever cheese and herbs you have on hand. toss on a few ripe tomatoes and bake at 350 for about 45 min until just set in the middle.
   While that is baking boil up your potatoes and then prepare a dressing of olive oil, grainy mustard, salt, pepper,  chives (FYI Reenie i have chard and chives you can come cut). mix together while they are warm and enjoy hot or cold.

If you are still reading I have some ideas...
the once a month cooking mom has some awesome ideas and recipes and we could get together and prep some of them.  A month is too overwhelming for me, but i have done four or five at a time and it was great. (just finishing them up) Or i have a few other friends we could talk into doing a swap where we all prepare vegan dishes and then get together and swap them.... This is also very fun and you get lots of new recipes.  The two I am thinking of are both vegan and i may have one other who eats a lot of veg/ vegan.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica, this was super cute of you. thanks. I will be shopping tomorrow after work and will plan on doing the sushi bowl. I think I might try a tofu quiche as well, so it would be great if you really do have chard to spare, I will come get it. I might even try writing down the menu for the week and a grocery list, instead of just throwing things in the basket. Since my mother in law and her friend are here, I hope to cook some things that would appeal to them, as they are accustomed to meat and dairy. Yesterday I had success with an "African" peanut stew from the blog. I served it over quinoa with steamed cauliflower on the side. The kids weren't entirely into it, but everyone else enjoyed it and the kids ate a lot of cauliflower. I will also write out the recipe for the carrot cake I made for the birthday picnic, but the recipe is adapted from the ginger applesauce cake from and I just substituted puréed carrots for half the applsauce. I omitted the ginger and added ground up dried strawberries from trader joes. If you try this, remove the packet of desiccant because that significantly decreases its deliciousness.
I would be really happy to try doing some cooking together or working out some kind of sharing of dishes and recipes. Thanks for being a great friend. - Reenie